Stamford, CT is First Franchise Sale of 2023

The new year brings great news as Stamford, CT becomes the next franchise unit in the Hudson Valley Swim portfolio. The tentative opening date is May 1st at LA Fitness.

The introduction of our new swim program at the LA Fitness in Stamford, Connecticut, is something we are eager to announce. Our skilled staff of swim instructors and coaches will accommodate swimmers of all ages and skill levels, from infants as young as 6 months to adults. We provide a fun program which assists students to learn the basics including safety and survival skills and then strengthens their swimming abilities to gain self-assurance in the water while also encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle.

A variety of programs, including group and private lessons, as well as specialized instruction for competitive athletes as well as students with special needs will be available at this Hudson Valley Swim LA Fitness location. Our program will emphasize safety, survival, appropriate stroke mechanics, breathing, and a variety of strokes. We encourage you to join us at LA Fitness in Stamford to experience the many advantages of our Hudson Valley swim program, whether you're looking to learn to swim or advance your swimming.