The Importance Of Swimming Lessons and Hudson Valley Swim as an Emerging Franchise.

Jeff Gartner, founder of Hudson Valley Swim Franchise was interviewed and featured on “All Things Considered Franchising" with Scotty Milas.

Jeff begins with alarming stats about why learning to swim is so important. He says, “Less than half of the children in the United States know how to swim, however, 85% of children spend time around water in the warmer months. That’s a recipe for disaster!” He also states that there are 4,000 drownings yearly and another 8,000 near-fatal drownings.

Hudson Valley Swim is a swim school franchise that offers a unique approach to addressing this issue by utilizing available pools to teach swimming, a crucial life skill.

The Hudson Valley Swim program teaches infants, children, and adults of all abilities to swim since the company was founded in 2003. Mixing best practices from various swim associations with 20 years of instructional experience, the program continues to evolve using new innovative techniques.

“ We were approached several times by FSOs (Franchise Sales Organizations) to consider franchising. We already developed the concept and duplicated it several times with our own corporate locations. We decided that to expand our mission, it was necessary to franchise so many more communities could be served.”

Hudson Valley Swim uses a pool rental model where facilities with underutilized pools can be leveraged for a swim lesson program. This is a new revenue source for these facilities and they also stand to increase their membership as the swim program brings new potential customers through their doors. It is a symbiotic relationship as the swim programs can also market to their membership. Learn more about franchising with Hudson Valley Swim.

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