We are extremely proud of the Hudson Valley Swim® franchise business offering. You will find it to be an extremely rewarding business that provides a critical service to the communities that we serve. Below you will read some of the many value points this franchise offers its candidates. Fill out the contact form and we can provide you with even more information about this great business.


Why You'll Love the Hudson Valley Swim® Franchise Business

  • Low startup costs.
  • High demand business. Swim lessons are an essential skill.
  • No pool build-out needed. We use a pool rental model.
  • Generate cash flow before your classes begin.
  • No need to know aquatics....you will hire those skills.
  • Start with a single employee.
  • Amazon-proof business
  • Ongoing support.
  • Get high tech vending machines and not employees
  • Fast start-up – open in 90 days!

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