Flagship Hudson Valley Swim® Franchise in NW Tampa to Open 2nd Territory After Only 6 Months!!

The NW Tampa franchise owners that currently operate in Lutz, FL have just added another territory after only 6 months of operations. Today, we are announcing they are adding Dunedin, FL to their portfolio of territories.

We are excited to see growth in their first location in such a short amount of time. Actions speak louder than words as our flagship franchise owners seek to expand their operations. Their planned date of opening in Dunedin is July 1st, 2023!

Hudson Valley Swim provides swimming lessons to assist students of all ages and abilities spanning the basic levels, including safety and survival skills, through to intermediate and advanced levels. By strengthening students' swimming abilities they are able to gain self-assurance in the water while also encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle.

A variety of programs, including group and private lessons, and specialized instruction for competitive athletes and students with special needs will be available at this location. Our program will emphasize safety, survival, appropriate stroke mechanics, breathing, and various strokes.

We encourage you to join us at this new swimming location in Dunedin, FL to experience the many advantages of our Hudson Valley Swim® program, whether you're looking to learn to swim or advance your swimming.

Make sure to find a location near you, and follow us on social media as we announce more locations in the future!

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Ready to “cut the corporate cord”? If you are interested in exploring a new Hudson Valley Swim business opportunity, we have territories with facilities available throughout the United States. Low initial investment and operating costs. No aquatic experience is necessary to run this business and we have a comprehensive training and support program to help ensure your success.

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