Water Is The Magical Drop of Life

Swimming Lessons can make a difference in anyone's life!

Water. The Magical Drops of Life

Water is one of the important elements needed for the existence of life on our planet. With more than 75% of the Earth being covered by water, it not only is home to aquatic life but also provides a sufficient supply of fresh water for sustaining life on land. Apart from being a significant contributor to sustain life, water is a source of fun for animals and human beings alike. Swimming pools, water parks and even still water lakes are great for taking a dip on a hot day but also provides exercise and a way to replenish one’s body and mind.

Swimming has been a common activity among humans throughout civilization. Swimming dates back to ancient civilizations such as Egyptian and Mesopotamian, where evidence of people breast stroking in the water was documented in rock paintings. These paintings were dated to be over 10,000 years old and were found in a cave in southwest Egypt. It is called “Cave of Swimmers”, located near Wadi Sura.

Competitive swimming started in the 1830s and in 1896 was introduced as an Olympic sport in the Athens games.

Being a part of history, swimming has always held many health benefits; some mentioned below:

  • Great recreational activity which relaxes mind and body of any age. It helps in managing stress and can be a good way to cool down, especially in the heat of summer.
  • It is a career option for those who enjoy competing. Great swimmers from many countries participate in regional, country and world events, such as Olympics, and make a living out of it directly and through endorsements.
  • Water creates resistance for swimmers which makes it a great work out for the entire body. Swimming is considered the only exercise which works out every muscle in a human body.
  • Swimming builds endurance and is very good for the heart.
  • With correct water safety & special needs, swimming improves coordination, alleviates stress and corrects the body posture.

Water is a great way of eradicating stress and improving health, it is also a great way of eliminating heart diseases and sustaining a quality of life.