Teen & Adult Program

  • Ages: 13 years and older
  • Class Size: 3-4 students

Teen & Adult Beginner

  • Ages: Ages 13 yrs and Older
  • The Teen & Adult Beginners swim lessons are an introduction to swimming for teens or adults that are trying to learn the basics needed to swim. This course is designed to help students overcome their fear of the water and build confidence as well.

Skills Taught: Front and back float, front and back glide, front crawl with side breathing, elementary backstroke, treading water, swim full length of pool on front.

Intermediate Teen & Adult

  • Ages: Ages 13 yrs. and Older
  • The Intermediate Teen & Adult swim lesson class is for the teen and adult students who are not fearful of the water, have some swimming experience and are looking to improve on their overall swim technique and endurance.

Skills Taught: Freestyle with side breathing for 2 laps, backstroke for 2 laps, breaststroke for 1 lap, open turns, treading water for 2 minutes.

Advanced Teen & Adult

  • Ages: Ages 13 yrs. and Older
  • The Advanced Teen & Adult swim lessons are geared toward the more advanced swimmer looking to take their swimming to the next level. They will work to extend their lap swimming, preparing to join the Competition III clinics, ironman competitions, etc.

Skills Taught: Freestyle with side breathing for 200 yards, flip turns, open turns, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, reading and understanding swim workouts as written by a coach.


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